July 7, 2015

How to get that promotion you’ve been waiting for

How to get that promotion you've been waiting for



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Mashable's latest #BizChats Twitter chat discussed how employees can impress their boss and justify a promotion.

Over the course of an hour, @MashBusiness covered an array of questions, ranging from how employees can demonstrate successful leadership in the office, to the key questions employees should be asking their supervisor(s) in performance reviews.

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Several career experts and entrepreneurs shared their insights on the topic, including: James Caan, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw Group; Laurie Ruettimann, HR writer, speaker and advisor; Lisa Gates, negotiation consultant and executive coach at; Dr. Marla Gottschalk, senior consultant at Allied Talent; Suzy Welch, business journalist and bestselling co-author of The Real Life MBA; Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR Advisors, and The Muse, an engaging job-search and career-advice website.

Check out highlights from our chat in the Storify, below:

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Mashable hosted a Twitter chat to discuss how professionals can fast track their career for success.

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One of the most rewarding aspects of investing your time and energy into a company is acquiring a promotion. Not only is it extremely satisfying, getting promoted is a reflection of the integral part you've played into the development of your company. In short —you are being entrusted with even more responsibility, accompanied with a generous raise, too.
However, what happens when you feel stuck in the same position for longer than you expected? Do you feel overlooked or unappreciated? What does it take to achieve that promotion?
@mashbusiness and several career experts participated a #BizChats Twitter chat to discuss how employees can justify a promotion, guilt-free.
Welcome to #BizChats! Today we're discussing how to fast track your next promotion. Please introduce yourselves!Mashable Business
A warm welcome to our experts: @LisaGates1, @jamescaan, @MRGottschalk, @lruettimann, @SuzyWelch, @TrishMcFarlane & @dailymuse! #BizChatsMashable Business
#BizChats tip: Be sure to number your answers according to the question you're answering. (ie., Q1.—>A1., Q2. —> A2., Q3. —> A3.)Mashable Business
Question 1:
Q1. What are the characteristics of an employee that’s most likely to earn a promotion #BizChatsMashable Business
@mashbusiness A1. Going above and beyond, helping others (not just him/herself), enthusiastic, understand/shape company culture. #BizChatsThe Muse
@mashbusiness A1. (cont’d) Here are 13 things bosses told us show them an employee is ripe for promotion: #BizChatsThe Muse
A1. Productive, innovative, passionate, eager to develop and driven. #BizChatsJames Caan CBE
A1: Being a motivated worker who gets results. Those are the people who get noticed & rise to the top. #BizchatsTrish McFarlane
A1 Visibility. Influence. Likeability + asking, “what does ‘killing it’ look like?” Then go kill it. #BizChatsLisa Gates
A1. If you want a promotion, you need two things: a business case for change and budget for your new role. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
A1. People are promoted when they are likable AND have skills that an organization needs. Seniority or a new degree won't do it. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
A1 Knowing your value: self worth + skills + strengths + educ. + experience = market value ==> net worth. #BizChatsLisa Gates
A1 Those employees that value connection. #bizchatsMarla Gottschalk PhD
A1: Going above and beyond what is asked of them, seeing what needs to be done and doing it well #BizChatsPaysavvy
A1: Someone who embodies the culture and work ethic of the organization, and is a proven performer. #BizChatsJulia Missaggia
A1: Bringing value to the business. An employee who can be relied upon to do what's best for the business & strive for that daily #BizChatsVineet Jain
Question 2:
Q2. What tactical ways can employees manage their own growth? #BizChatsMashable Business
A2 First of, remember to manage you. Don't wait for development opps. Seek them out. have a plan in mind. #bizchatsMarla Gottschalk PhD
@mashbusiness A2: If you’re not getting performance evaluations, ask. Don’t be scared. Not knowing how you’re doing is worse. #BizchatsSuzy Welch
A2. Ask for regular catch up’s with your boss – ask them to score you out of 10 to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. #BizChatsJames Caan CBE
A2 Manage your own growth by recognizing that HR teams and managers are focused on compliance, not development. Growth is on you. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
A2 It's also important to be publicly active in your profession.. Contribute content, join chats, meet ups, etc. Stay Relevant!#BizChatsColin Jordan
A2 Ask, “what is the path to promotion?” Ask “what do I need to accomplish to level up?” #ASK #BizChatsLisa Gates
@mashbusiness A2. Write out small goals on paper to reflect back on the big picture progress over time. #BizChatsThe Muse
@mashbusiness A2. (cont’d) For the visual ones, start a success board like this one: #BizChatsThe Muse
@mashbusiness A2. (cont’d) You can even use apps to track personal and professional goals real-time: #BizChatsThe Muse
@mashbusiness A2. Write down weekly new skills you've learned. QUANTIFY your achievements. #BizChatsTracey Edouard
A2: Keep an up-to-date portfolio of all your achievements, big and small, throughout your time with that company #BizChatsPaysavvy
A2: Add a mtg to your calendar each week for you to do something career enhancing. Keep your commitment to yourself. Follow through.Trish McFarlane
A2: Stretch assignments: Ask/volunteer to do more and learn new skills. Build your brand inside and outside the organization. #bizchatsEmmelie De La Cruz
A2: Keep a running list of goals. They change over time and keep it somewhere that you can reference. #BizChatsStacy Reed
A2 When your job duties change, rewrite your job description, present at annual review. @BizChatsLisa Gates
A2: Start with self-awareness, then create near-term and long-term plans to develop in growth areas. #BizChatsJulia Missaggia
A2: Add a mtg to your calendar each week for you to do something career enhancing. Keep your commitment to yourself Follow through #bizchatsTrish McFarlane
A1 + A2 Don't fear those "stretch assignments". Setting high goals will work in your favor. #bizchatsMarla Gottschalk PhD
Question 3:
Q3. How can an employee demonstrate successful leadership in the office? #BizChatsMashable Business
A3. Taking initiative, increasing productivity within the team and meeting objectives. #BizChatsJames Caan CBE
@mashbusiness A3. Great leadership starts with being “boldly self-aware,” as one writer called it: #BizChatsThe Muse
@mashbusiness A3. (cont’d) Make others feel valued! Show gratitude, motivate, and delegate tasks. Allow others to rise, too. #BizChatsThe Muse
A3: Successful leadership is about inspiring others through action. The greatest leaders are the greatest servants. #bizchatsEmmelie De La Cruz
A3 Know your value prop. “I’m the X person” … and demonstrate it over and over. #BizChatsLisa Gates
@mashbusiness A3. Putting team goals ahead of personal goals. #BizChatsKeyur Shah
@mashbusiness A3: Be a resource. If your peers come to you for help and answers, you're proving your leadership potential. #bizchatsNBP
@mashbusiness A3. Share knowledge and ideas; but don't share gossip. Lift as you climb and don't pull up the ladder behind you #BizChatsNicole.AquariusHR
A3: Take a project and run with it. Collaborate w/the depts. that need to be involved & develop a team. #BizChatsMichael Townsend
A3 Have a vision of leadership. Operationalize that vision with supporting behaviors. Act. #bizchatsMarla Gottschalk PhD
A3 Have a vision of leadership. Operationalize that vision with supporting behaviors. Act. #bizchatsMarla Gottschalk PhD
A3 You can demonstrate successful leadership by following @AdamMGrant's rules and be a giver, not a taker. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
.@mashbusiness A3: Leadership is not about you; it’s about them. Prove you get that by celebrating the best in others. #BizChatsSuzy Welch
A3: Do things to help make your boss’ job easier. Volunteer for projects. #BizchatsTrish McFarlane
A3 Gratitude and empathy are the most underrated leadership qualities in the workplace. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
@mashbusiness A3. Start a new project, volunteer to train new employees/interns on the day-today tasks, ask to sit in on meetings. #BizChatsTracey Edouard
A3 The greatest leaders in the office create infectious positivity & energy just by being there.. Success is a powerful bi-product #BizchatsColin Jordan
A3: A great leader is a great listener. Figure out where the pain points are by listening #BizChatsStacy Reed
A3: Think of every leadership opportunity as an opportunity to learn, and be the leader you'd want others to be #BizChatsPaysavvy
A3 Develop coaching skills to help others succeed + become self sufficient. #BizChatsLisa Gates
A3: Be a leader who offers help to others. Many don’t do that & it hurts their career. #BizchatsTrish McFarlane
@mashbusiness A3. Be about the team and be willing to help and teach others. #BizChatsMilap
A3: Set an example, live the company's brand and values, build the company up, don't break it down @mashbusiness #BizchatsAlethea Hagemann
Question 4:
Q4. What ways can you make your boss happy without sucking up? #BizChatsMashable Business
A4 My best HR advice? You can make your boss happy by doing your job with integrity. Do that and the rest is easy. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
A4. Finishing projects ahead of deadlines! Sharing innovative ideas – being an intrapreneur! #BizChatsJames Caan CBE
@mashbusiness A4. Have a positive attitude! It goes a long way. Take notes to show you care about discussion. Always communicate. #BizChatsThe Muse
A4 Over deliver. Take that one extra step. Always worked for me. #bizchatsMarla Gottschalk PhD
@mashbusiness A4. (cont’d) Do your part. Finish your job ON time to your best ability. Ask how you can help your boss. #BizChatsThe Muse
A4: Simple. Be honest, be sincere, be timely, get results. #BizchatsTrish McFarlane
@mashbusiness A4. Check out this if you want to make the most effort: #BizChatsThe Muse
A4 The obvious: Establish regular syncs. Show how accomplishments provided benefit to boss/org. ROI of brand you. #BizchatsLisa Gates
.@mashbusiness A4: Any decent boss prefers ideas over sycophancy. Deliver those, teamwork and positive energy, and you’re good. #BizChatSuzy Welch
A4 Make sure u don’t conflate communicating progress/wins w/sucking up. #Bias #Filters #SelfWorth #BizChatsLisa Gates
A4 Your boss should be tasked to think at a higher level than you. Show the ability to think on their macro level & provide value #BizchatsColin Jordan
A4. Work hard to achieve results without the need to take credit, just to get the job done #BizChatsTough-Links
@mashbusiness Don't suck up – get respect instead. Your job is to make yourself happy and deliver remarkable results. #BizChatsNicole.AquariusHR
A4: Be authentic with your boss, do your work well, & offer help and suggestions. Don't worry about the haters & avoid gossip #BizChatsNBP
A4: Make your boss look good. Find out what keeps her up at night professionally and help ease her pain. #bizchatsEmmelie De La Cruz
A4 Want to make your boss happy? Be a happy person. Don't drag your crap to work. That's my #2 piece of HR advice. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
@mashbusiness A4. If you make a mistake, ADMIT it, don't hide it. We're human, not robots. They will appreciate it more than lying #BizChatsTracey Edouard
Question 5:
Q5. What’s the best way to prepare when looking to justify a promotion? #BizChatsMashable Business
.@mashbusiness A5: A list of your values and contributions is prep enough. Let your performance do the talking for you. #BizChatsSuzy Welch
A5 Just because you're ready and willing doesn't mean that the company has capacity for your skills. Know your audience. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
A5: Understand the gaps between your job & the new role. Understand what the pay should be. #BizchatsTrish McFarlane
A5 Be sure your goals align with that of the organization. Then lay out how you are prepared to support that. #bizchatsMarla Gottschalk PhD
A5 Justify a promotion by building a business case. Explain how you'll pay for yourself and move the company forward. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
A5: Ask yourself if the new role is really needed or are you just wanting a promotion. You don't get it if it's not needed #BizchatsTrish McFarlane
A5. Make a list of everything you’ve done to add value – make it so obvious you deserve one that they can’t say no. #BizChatsJames Caan CBE
A5 Track your accomplishments and develop narratives that tell the story about HOW you did it + benefit to bottom line. #BizChatsLisa Gates
A5 This is where strategic planning for raise/promo comes in. Need to prioritize what u want and sequence your ask. #PREPARE #BizChatsLisa Gates
@mashbusiness A5. It should nvr be all about the $. A promotion also means additional responsibility. Make sure you can manage it. #BizChatsTracey Edouard
@mashbusiness A5. Make sure you’re going above and beyond with your work over an extended period of time! Consistency is key. #BizChatsThe Muse
A5: Quantify everything. Connect the dots so that your value is clearly communicated. #bizchatsEmmelie De La Cruz
A5 Talk to your boss about how your accomplishments, improvements and the skills you have will benefit the company #BizChatsCorporate Learning
A5 Promotions are given when you can scale your talents to the next level. Leverage your successes to show potential at new title #BizchatsColin Jordan
.@mashbusiness A5. Prepare for a promotion? Be Confident. Creative. Crystal Clear. Charismatic and Contrite (if needed). #BizChatsIdeon
A5 Never let someone give you more work & tell you that you've been promoted without a bump in title/pay. That's just more work. #bizchatsLaurie Ruettimann
@mashbusiness A5. (cont’d) Focus on what YOU are doing to be your best; don’t focus solely on what your co-workers are doing. #BizChatsThe Muse
A5 Research market value + b prepared to ask for raise w/that promo. Never a better time. #BizchatsLisa Gates
@mashbusiness A5. (cont’d) Keep track of your accomplishments. Sometimes your boss may not be paying attention to finer details. #BizChatsThe Muse
A5: Should show how ur accomplishments enhanced & grew ur dept. Were u able to motivate colleagues to buy in to your ideas. #BizChatsMichael Townsend
A5 Sometimes the only way to get promoted is to get a new job with a new company. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
@mashbusiness A5. (cont’d) Show commitment to your company/its mission, not just to a potential new position or your current boss. #BizChatsThe Muse
@mashbusiness Q5. Keeping a living cumulative list of achievements will help you keep track of all the great work you've done. #BizChatsTracey Edouard
@mashbusiness A5. (cont’d) Great article about what your boss does/doesn’t want to hear: #BizChatsThe Muse
A5 Sometimes the only way to get promoted is to get a new job with a new company. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
Question 6:
Q6. What key questions should you ask your boss in performance reviews? #BizChatsMashable Business
A6. What do I need to do to get to the next stage? Am I meeting your expectations? How can I add value? #BizChatsJames Caan CBE
A6 #Negotiation skill: Diagnostic Questions—ask What’s most important to you? What can I take off your plate? #BizChatsLisa Gates
A6: A performance review is the time to close the gap between how you think you're doing and how you're actually doing. #bizchatsEmmelie De La Cruz
@mashbusiness A6. Our EIC says: Is there anything I could be doing better? What'd you like to see from me before my next review? #BizChatsThe Muse
@mashbusiness A6. (cont’d) I want to grow in this area—am I focused on the right goals? Use this time to help yourself grow, too. #BizChatsThe Muse
@mashbusiness A6. Is there anything I'm not demonstrating that is preventing me from moving up to the next level in my career? #BizChatsTracey Edouard
@mashbusiness A6. If you’re stressing about the review, this article can help ease the pressure: #BizChatsThe Muse
A6 More Diag Quest: What problem do you want to solve more than anything? #BizChats #ItsAllAboutThePainLisa Gates
A6: 1) What should I keep doing, 2) What should I stop doing? 3) What should I start doing? @mashbusiness #BizChatsAlethea Hagemann
A6: What are my teammates and colleagues saying about my performance? What soft skills can I work on? What are your goals? #bizchatsEmmelie De La Cruz
A6 Always ask your boss about strengths, weaknesses, and areas to concentrate on.. Stay humble & positively receive any criticisms #BizchatsColin Jordan
A6: What development goals do I need to accomplish and by when? #duedatesareimportant #BizChatsJulia Missaggia
A6 Make it more of a conversation than a Q&A, discuss specific examples and point towards the potential for success in the future #BizchatsColin Jordan
A6: What was your favorite project? How can I improve? Show your investment in the company, ask what the future holds #BizChatsRana Fayez
Q6. What key questions should you ask your boss in performance reviews? #BizChatsTrish McFarlane
@mashbusiness A6 am I still worth to company? Am I contributing enough in growth of company? #bizchats Adi
A6: Ask about your long term potential there. Ask for new projects, working with new colleagues. #BizchatsTrish McFarlane
A6 Ask your boss for one tactical thing that you can do in the next 90 days to help prepare for the next performance review. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
A6 Be prepared to make case for future potential, not just past results. #BizChatsLisa Gates
A6: Spin the tables of the old interview favorite: Where do you see my career in this company going in 2 (or 5) years? #BizChatsNBP
A6 Get very specific about goals. Talk about the behaviors they might want to see going forward. #bizchatsMarla Gottschalk PhD
A6 It’s ALWAYS okay to ask your boss to clarify anything that seems off or wrong to you in a performance review. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
Question 7:
Q7. What are the biggest mistakes employees make when looking to get promoted? #BizChatsMashable Business
@mashbusiness A7. Sucking up to the boss, undermining colleagues and not delivering on current goals #BizChatsNicole.AquariusHR
A7: You don't get promoted by simply doing your job. That's what you are paid to do. @mashbusiness #BizChatsAlethea Hagemann
.@mashbusiness Q7: Biggest mistake is thinking tenure counts. “I’ve been here 3 yrs!” Results and values usually matter more. #BizchatsSuzy Welch
Q7. Biting off more than they can chew, underestimating their workload and taking on more work to gain recognition #BizChatsTough-Links
A7: A common mistake: focused so much on personal advancement that your team/company suffers. When you're selfish it shows. #bizchatsEmmelie De La Cruz
A7 They go into the meeting expecting to get a promotion but don't take the time to prepare or really prove why they deserve it #BizChatsCorporate Learning
A7 I'm beyond passionate about this topic. The employees who mumble & chatter about "I should be" "I deserve this" probably don't #BizchatsColin Jordan
A7: Feel or act entitled about the promotion, it's a reward and not a right #BizChatsRana Fayez
A7. They think length of service is enough to warrant a salary increase. It isn’t – you have to prove you’ve added value. #BizChatsJames Caan CBE
A7 #bizchats thoughout year mark down accomplishments &moments you are proud of.Align these w/company vision +stats.Outline them at meetingMila Araujo
A7: My big pet peeve is when an employee asks for promotion just for the money & they can't justify the spend. #BizchatsTrish McFarlane
@mashbusiness A7. Sucking up to the boss, undermining colleagues and not delivering on current goals #BizChatsNicole.AquariusHR
.@mashbusiness A7 Mistakes? Being Petty. Too Promotional. Impractical. #BizChatsIdeon
@mashbusiness A7. Big mistake: Focusing too much on getting the promotion, not on your current responsibilities. #BizChatsThe Muse
A7 Thinking you should b recognized w/o having to self promote or communicate wins. #BizChatsLisa Gates
@mashbusiness A7. (cont’d) Another mistake: Focusing on impressing your boss, but not co-workers. #BizChatsThe Muse
A7 Remember that promotions are not about you. It's about whether or not your company needs what you have to offer. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
A7: You can't justify a promotion based on the length of time in your position @mashbusiness #BizChatAlethea Hagemann
@mashbusiness A7. (cont’d) Forgetting about the “soft skills” needed to get to the next level. More: #BizChatsThe Muse
A7 Remember this is an alliance. Look out for the other party. #bizchatsMarla Gottschalk PhD
@mashbusiness Q7. The biggest mistake they can make is feeling entitled #BizChatsStellar Startup
@mashbusiness A7. (cont’d) Not being open with your boss that you want a promotion and what you’ve done to deserve it. #BizChatsThe Muse
.@mashbusiness BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER = acting like you DESERVE it! Companies already compensate you, they don't "owe" you anything #BizChatsColin Jordan
Question 8:
Q8. What final tips do you have for fast-tracking your career for success? #BizChatsMashable Business
A8 Of course I would say this, but learn interest-based #negotiation. Best prob solving tool u can have. #BizChatsLisa Gates
A8: Define success for YOU, don't wait for someone to offer opportunity, find non-traditional paths #bizchats White-Ramsey
A8. Observe the masses & do the opposite. Surround yourself with passionate people and do something you love. #BizChatsJames Caan CBE
A8 being early, providing value, breeding success, uplifting others, impacting superiors is how you fast-track your career 2/2 #BizchatsColin Jordan
@mashbusiness A8. Listen to feedback and communicate with your superiors. Above all, don’t expect a quick solution. #BizChatsThe Muse
A8 Actually, a little patience goes a long way. Try not to compare yourself with others. Move to the beat of your own career. #bizchatsMarla Gottschalk PhD
.@mashbusiness A8. Final tips? Make friends. Treat all equally. Be real. Build skills. See the future. Achieve lots. Have mentors. #BizChatsIdeon
A8 Being on time, being presentable, being friendly, having thoughts, participating are all check boxes – what you're paid for 1/2 #BizchatsColin Jordan
@mashbusiness A8. (cont’d) Stay motivated and committed to your work. Take the extra initiative and always be professional! #BizChatsThe Muse
A8 You can fast-track your career by being a likable expert. Find something important, learn about it, and share your knowledge. #BizChatsLaurie Ruettimann
@mashbusiness A8. Establish goals, key milestones, and take the time to invest in your professional development. #BizChatsPenn Talent, LLC
@mashbusiness A8. If you're in a job just for the money, a promotion isn't what you need. You need a re-evaluation of your morals. #BizChatsTracey Edouard
A8 Always be learning, read voraciously and DO IMPROV. Seriously. #BizChatsLisa Gates
@mashbusiness A8. For more tips on promotions, this article outlines ways to get ahead of the promotion barriers: Muse
@mashbusiness A8. Do your job with integrity,honesty and without complaint. #bizchats Adi
A8 You can fast-track your career by becoming an entrepreneur & being your own boss. People love dreamers and doers. Why not you? #bizchatsLaurie Ruettimann
A8: Kick ass at work, but also build your personal brand so you're a thought leader and more visible + valuable as an employee. #bizchatsEmmelie De La Cruz
@mashbusiness A8. Work hard. Be consistent. Find a senior level executive to be your mentor/advocate in company, industry. #BizChatsChris Medici
A8: Make yourself visible. Offer to work on projects that the c-suite will notice. #bizchatsTrish McFarlane
@mashbusiness A8. Don't be a 9-5er. Successful people know the value in burning the midnight oil when necessary! #BizChatsTracey Edouard
Closing Comments:
Best run chat on Twitter! Thanks @Mashbusiness and all the fab experts! #BizChatsLisa Gates
#BizChats from @mashbusiness right now is incredible! So much great #content there, check it out! #strategyTribemint
Thanks @mashbusiness for hosting us today! We’ve had a blast! #BizChatsThe Muse
I'm new to #bizchats, but this information is super helpful. I love hearing everyone's thoughts on these topics.Chela White-Ramsey
I loved this topic! I'm focusing on professional growth and these suggestions surely helped! Way to go @mashbusiness! #BizChatsStacy Reed
@CapaCITi1000 @mashbusiness valuable insights in this discussion. #BizChats Hagemann
.@mashbusiness. Thanks for a scintillating chat today, and thanks to all too. So fab to listen/learn with you. #BizChatsIdeon
Had a great time tweeting from @dailymuse with @KaitlynRussell_ about job promotions today! Great #BizChats, @mashbusiness.Lily Herman

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