July 7, 2015

How one Italian restaurant stands out in New York City

How one Italian restaurant stands out in New York City



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Headshot_2015_elishahartwig_1By Elisha Hartwig

It's hard not to feel like you're part of the warm and caring Italian family when you walk through the doors at West 56th street in New York City. Sal Scognomillo, the current head chef at Patsy's Italian Restaurant is a jovial, sweet man who exudes a genuine contentment with life — hard to find in the city, where so many appear beaten down by how difficult it is to make it here.

Patsy's Italian Restaurant has been around since 1944, when Pasquale Scognamillo opened up the location in Midtown. Since then, four generations of the family have worked in the kitchen preparing the food, and front of the house greeting guests and answering the phone. What really separates Patsy's Italian Restaurant from the thousands of other restaurants in New York City is they make everyone who walks through the door feel like family.

We always continued in his footsteps because for us, food was part of the gathering of the family," Sal said about his grandfather Patsy." These were recipes that grandma and grandpa made at home and they brought them to the restaurant. And in some ways it's an extension of their home, and these are guests in your home. You have to thank the people, they have about 20,000 choices between the five boroughs — when they make the decision to walk through that door you have to appreciate them, thank them and welcome them."

Watch the video below to learn how Patsy's Italian Restaurant has kept the family business running across four generations and how they manage to attract an impressive list of celebrity clientele.

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