Relocating for a job? 5 things you should ask before making the move

Moving is a pain. Even if you're doing it for the job of your dreams.
You'll have to get new a driver's license, switch off the old utilities, switch on the new, sleuth a new doctor, find a new place, sell or sublet your current one — oh, and deal with the physical acts of actually packing, moving, and unpacking. If you got tired just reading that, imagine doing it.
Still, CareerBuilder found that 44% of people are "willing to relocate for a career opportunity." I am one of those people. Despite my loathsome distaste for the evils of moving, I have relocated my family three times in nine years. (And they still love me!) Read more…More about Job, Moving, Business, Jobs, and Work Play

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Serta joins the growing list of companies to dump Donald Trump

Companies can't shed their associations with Donald Trump quickly enough.
Mattress retailer Serta, which had exclusively sold a line of Trump Home mattresses since 2009, announced on Wednesday that it would not renew its contract with the Republican presidential candidate at the end of the year, following his controversial remarks about immigration in a campaign speech.
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So if you were looking to drop between $1,299 and $2,999 on a mattress emblazoned with Trump's name, you’ll soon be out of luck.
“Serta values diversity and does not agree with nor endorse the recent statements made by Mr. Trump,” the company said in a statement Wednesday. Read more…More about Donald Trump, Business, Media, and Serta

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99 degrees fahrenheit= 99% off: eBay’s sale on designer shades rises with NYC temps

With the Fourth of July holiday weekend right around the corner, eBay has launched a campaign that offers discounts on designer sunglasses based on temperatures in the Hamptons and New York City.
The company is hosting an airstream at the Montauk Beach House on July 4 and Flatiron Plaza on July 7 and 8, where attendees will receive discounts on Ray-Bans and Michael Kors sunglasses depending on the temperature that day (based on the 5-day Weather Channel forecast). For example, if the temperature reaches 88 degrees fahrenheit, you'll get 88% off. Hence the “Hot Deals for Hot Days” name.
The weather for July 7 and 8 is predicted to have highs in the 80s Read more…More about Fashion, Ebay, New York City, Temperature, and Business

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The powers that be are taking the pop out of Bubble Wrap because they hate us

Further proof that corporations are pure evil: they're killing Bubble Wrap.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Bubble Wrap sales are falling amongst new competition in the marketSealed Air Corp., inventors of Bubble Wrap (the gift that keeps on giving), are revamping their packing product to appeal to space-conscious manufacturers. This new product, called iBubble Wrap (good lord), will not pop when you squeeze it.
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Image: CorbisThis new, bastardized version of Bubble Wrap will cost less to ship to customers, which I guess is what matters if you have no joy in your soul. Read more…More about Business, Moving, Watercooler, and Conversations

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160+ job openings at MTV, UNICEF and more

Are you looking for a new career? The Mashable Job Board is the ideal place to search for your next big move. More than 3,000 employers in tech and digital have posted on our board, and they're looking to fill positions from Mashable's community.
Twice a week, we highlight five recently posted openings. Check out some of this week's newest, below, and be sure to read our Job Search Series for valuable career tips.

Position: MTV Public Affairs: Campaign CoordinatorCompany: MTV Location: New York, New York
The public affairs team at MTV is charged with using the network’s superpowers for good. The group develops and manages multi-platform social change initiatives that empower America’s youth to have an impact on the biggest challenges facing their generation. The MTV public affairs group works with every department across the network – including programming, digital, social, mobile, MTV News, marketing, sales, press, MTV2, and mtvU. Read more…More about Business and Jobs

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Univision is going public, and with it comes a first look at Fusion’s losses

America's largest Spanish-language broadcaster wants to add Wall Street to its audience.
Univision plans to launch a public offering later this year, according to paperwork filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. The filing offers a deeper look at one of the most successful TV channels in the country — and also one of the least successful.
See also: Donald Trump files $500 million lawsuit against Univision
The network has risen to become one of the most widely watched TV channels of any language. In 2013 and 2014, it beat out the likes of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC for July "sweeps," establishing itself as arguably the top U.S. channel for adults. Read more…More about Ipo, Television, Business, Media, and Univision

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How one Italian restaurant stands out in New York City

It's hard not to feel like you're part of the warm and caring Italian family when you walk through the doors at West 56th street in New York City. Sal Scognomillo, the current head chef at Patsy's Italian Restaurant is a jovial, sweet man who exudes a genuine contentment with life — hard to find in the city, where so many appear beaten down by how difficult it is to make it here.
Patsy's Italian Restaurant has been around since 1944, when Pasquale Scognamillo opened up the location in Midtown. Since then, four generations of the family have worked in the kitchen preparing the food, and front of the house greeting guests and answering the phone. What really separates Patsy's Italian Restaurant from the thousands of other restaurants in New York City is they make everyone who walks through the door feel like family. Read more…More about Small Business, New York City, Business, Supported, and Patsy S

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How to get that promotion you’ve been waiting for

Image: Mashable Composite, Flickr, Sam ChurchchillMashable's latest #BizChats Twitter chat discussed how employees can impress their boss and justify a promotion
Over the course of an hour, @MashBusiness covered an array of questions, ranging from how employees can demonstrate successful leadership in the office, to the key questions employees should be asking their supervisor(s) in performance reviews
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Several career experts and entrepreneurs shared their insights on the topic, including: James Caan, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw Group; Laurie Ruettimann, HR writer, speaker and advisor; Lisa Gates, negotiation consultant and executive coach at; Dr. Marla Gottschalk, senior consultant at Allied Talent; Suzy Welch, business journalist and bestselling co-author of The Real Life MBA; Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR Advisors, and The Muse, an engaging job-search and career-advice website Read more…More about Media, Advertising, Marketing, Promotion, and Job Search

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What it’s like to come out as transgender to 2 million people via text message

Coming out as LGBT to friends and family is a huge step, and often a nerve-wracking experience. But imagine how daunting it would be to come out to more than 2 million people — via text.
That's exactly what Freddie Bologno did Thursday morning. As's mobile engagement manager, Bologno — who uses the gender-neutral pronouns "they," "them" and "their" — is used to sending texts to many people. That's their job: engaging youth on social issues via SMS messages.
When texting the organization's 2.4 million-strong mobile audience about campaigns and good causes for more than three years, signing off messages with "Alysha," Bologno has always had a rule of being honest — showing that it isn't just a brand texting, but rather a real person. Now, they're using the platform to show that person identifies as transgender. Read more…More about Mobile, Lgbt, Social Good, Nonprofit, and Gender

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3 ways to turn your brand into a social media juggernaut

This article is part of SWOT Team, a series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.
We all know it pays to have a large social media presence (this is a world where companies pay Kim Kardashian an estimated $20,000 per promotional tweet). But short of buying followers or other forms of subterfuge, how can you organically build a powerful following and become a social media juggernaut?
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For my new book Stand Out, I interviewed technology opinion leader Robert Scoble, who has built a massive social media following, including more than 450,000 Twitter followers, 650,000 Facebook followers and friends and a whopping 6.6 million followers on Google+ Read more…More about Google, Robert Scoble, Social Media, Business, and Small Business

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